This article tells the story of why HPAG, the Hawai'i Pacific Advisory Group, came to be. It all began on August 8, 2023, when devastating wildfires struck Maui, leaving behind immense destruction and a need for urgent aid.

In response, many organizations and individuals stepped up to help, but there was a problem. The help wasn't always getting to the right places at the right times. That's where HPAG comes in.

This article explains why HPAG was created. It serves as a bridge, connecting the communities in need with those who can aid. HPAG's mission is to make sure help reaches where it's needed most during disasters like this.

We'll take you on a journey to understand the importance of HPAG and how it coordinates relief efforts effectively. It's all about bringing communities and resources together when they're needed most.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

The HPAG Team

Skip Vincent, Brig Gen, HIANG (Ret)


Hawai'i Pacific Foundation