Imagine Pacific (IMPAC) is a Consulting Service that can have a positive impact in your individual, business or organizations. We specialize in the areas of:

- Organizational Development

- Individual and Organizational Threat/Crisis Management and Preparation

- Strategic Planning

- Community and Global Initiative Planning

Organizational Development tools that are universal and transferable to any organization. Focus of these tools are to:

- Provide you with Ready made Products

- Provide you with methods to apply

- Give you a means to build  own products


- IMPAC realizes that the environment we live is filled with numerous threats and repeated risk for your company and organizations. IMPAC will conduct a full assessment of your situation, provide you a service assessment and provide you either the training, planning or practice you need to meet your challenges head on.





DATABASES - Data analysis

GRANTS -Economic Development RFP responses

LOGISTICS - Supply Inventory, Perishable Inventory

OPERATIONS - Manuals, Operating Instructions
MARKETING - Service Plan

MODELS -Learning Models, Modeling for budgets

PAPERS - Formal Info Papers

PLANS - Project Management Plans

POLICIES - Policy Letters

STRATEGY - Strategic Plans